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On Demand Utility Monitoring & Benchmarking

Using Your Existing Utility Meters

Benchmarx brings the darkness of Utility Bills, Smart Meter Data, "Online Spreadsheets" and "Scores" into Light.  Our Patented visualazation techniques make Benchmarx the Most Intuitive Utility Management system available. 

Benchmarx allows real estate owners and managers to make informed investments in real estate opportunities that were historically difficult to access.  Consolidate and rapidly access you utility data using Benchmarx.  Monitor energy conservation measures with little effort.  

Real Estate

Single Property or Portfolio

  • Multi Family

  • Military & Student Housing 

  • Hotels

  • Office

  • Industrial


Unlike a spreadsheet that requires data entry to "make it work", Benchmarx is fully automated.  This includes collection of:

Monthly Utility Bill Data

  • Electricity

  • Natural Gas

  • Domestic Water

Smart Meter Interval Data


Weather Data

Raw Utility Data

Weather Data

Building Data

Automated Normalization and Utility Data Rendering

Usable Data = Benchmarx


Monitor Trends and Interrogate Data

Patented Hyper Intuitive Visualization

Automated Alerting

Maintain Control of Your Budget

Prioritize & Monitor Energy Conservation Measures

Readily Identify Operational Deficiencies & Outliers


Energy Data Loop is Closed

Smart Phone, Tablet & PC Compatible

Professional Near Realtime Presentation to Your Organization

Address Issues Internally or Use Our Engineers

Normalized and Raw Data at Your Fingertips

Hyper Intuitive Interfrace and Easy to Understand 

Software as a Service (SaaS)


Increase the Efficiency of your Team

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